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Product Highlights Lucrative Love. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. Customer Reviews. Write a review. See any care plans, options and policies that may be associated with this product. Email address. Please enter a valid email address. Walmart Services. Get to Know Us. Once, after being scammed by two local debt brokers, he hired a lawyer and sued the culprits.

It took Siegel two years to get a judgment, and then it turned out that the companies were shells. Still, the Buffalo bureau consists of only two people devoted to the collections industry.

After sifting through these complaints and investigating many of them, she singles out companies whose behavior seems to be the most egregious. She puts those companies on a list of the worst offenders that she, personally, has to monitor. When we spoke in the spring of , there were companies on her list. This particular tactic, which is not uncommon, was just a slightly more aggressive version of the one used against Theresa. Rogue agencies like I. Davis believed that I. He said he was unhappy because he had been cheated out of his pay — so unhappy that he walked over to complain in person.

That single word left Davis flabbergasted.

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Two days later, she served I. And this is how a list of companies dwindled to Wilson quickly started his detective work. First, he spoke with some of the debtors who recently paid the mysterious other agency. None of them could recall the name of the agency, but several combed through their credit-card statements and identified the company that processed the payments they made.

So Wilson called the processing company. I am reversing the charge! What company charged me for this? He called up the agency and introduced himself as the debtor. Wilson asked for the address where the business was located, but the woman refused to tell him. Realizing that he was getting nowhere, Wilson hung up and glanced around his office, surveying the faces of his collectors. He called out the names of four of them.

They all stood up. One was a young employee named Jeremy Mountain.

Wilson decided to call one last time and got a man who claimed to be the owner. As it turns out, Wilson had some business to settle with Siegel as well. Wilson suspected that Siegel had either forgotten or simply neglected to pay him for some of these deals.

The man — who asked to be identified only by his middle name, Shafeeq — was a Muslim who said he tried to avoid charging interest whenever possible. Shafeeq had the advantage of being a local. He knew the collections scene in Buffalo — the good actors, the bad actors and everybody in between.

There was another benefit to having Shafeeq in the posse as well, namely that he ran his own security firm and was licensed to carry a firearm. He also had a large knife. Wilson asked him what it was for. Wilson and his crew eventually found Bill at his corner store in a run-down neighborhood. Wilson gestured for several of his guys to come with him, including Mountain and Shafeeq.


When he walked into the store, he saw an enormous man, roughly 6-foot-6 and pounds. Wilson asked the man his name. It was Bill. The encounter was tense. Mountain recalled seeing a gun resting on a shelf behind the checkout counter. As he recalls it, Wilson told Bill to sit down and then drew close so that the two of them were eye to eye.

This news gave Wilson pause. He knew this broker both personally and by reputation. Robin Hood! He never found them, but he remembered the incident bitterly and wondered for a second whether what Bill said might be true. But at the corner store, Wilson was primarily concerned with impressing upon Bill just how serious and dangerous he was. I got a bullet hole right here! Siegel resolved to make the best of a bad situation. He eventually sold many of the uncollected accounts in the Package for a tidy profit.

The notorious debt broker did not return my calls. I did eventually manage to speak with one of his former partners — a man who asked to be identified only by his first name, Larry. Larry told me that he had often made deals in his car in which the buyer gave him cash, and he handed the buyer a thumb drive with a spreadsheet containing the names, addresses, Social Security numbers, credit-card balances or loan amounts of several thousand debtors.

Where exactly, I inquired, did such files come from? This, of course, was the root of the problem. No one could ever be sure how Bill obtained the accounts from the Package. The possibilities were dizzying. Ultimately, there was no telling where the files came from, or who else had copies of them.

And this was a problem not just for Siegel, but also for the debtors from the Package. Several years after the Package was stolen — in the summer of — Theresa received a phone call from a company called McKellar and Associates Group, trying to collect on this very same Washington Mutual debt. He told me he had purchased it from a debt broker in Florida. As Owens saw it, when buying from debt brokers, this was all part of the risk you faced.

The federal government is, at long last, starting to make a serious effort to clean up the collections industry and protect consumers like Theresa. And the companies engaging in the most grievous behavior — like falsely threatening lawsuits or collecting on bad paper — tend to be the smaller operators.

Lucrative Love The Insider S Secrets To Marrying Millions

It inevitably falls upon the state attorneys general to go after them, which means depending on overburdened officials like Karen Davis. As long as paper continues to be stolen, double-sold or otherwise exchanged without accurate supporting information — like statements or copies of the original signed contracts — consumers will be exploited and collectors like Siegel and Wilson will have to fend for themselves. A centralized loan registry might help, and there are some in development.

Mark Parsells, the chief executive of a company called Global Debt Registry, has developed a database that tracks the ownership of consumer debts once they are sold off by banks or original creditors.

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When a car changes hands, its license-plate number changes, but the VIN remains the same; likewise, when a debt is bought or sold, the account number and the creditor information might change, but the ULIN would remain the same. The registry also maintains electronic records of the original data and documents associated with each debt, like statements and loan applications. After all, the Department of Motor Vehicles keeps track of who owns what car, and the Register of Deeds records who owns a piece of property.

When I visited the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, I posed this very question to an official who investigates and brings actions against debt collectors. I think that the commission would have to have a lot more information.

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Just this month, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which supervises all national banks, issued written guidance on how debts should be sold. Banks need to vet potential buyers and provide accurate and complete information, the office says. Reform may be on the horizon. At the time, Theresa had no way of knowing that the threat was a bluff, nor did she realize that such bluffs are increasingly common.

According to annual reports filed by the F. David Torok, who oversees the F. For Theresa, the possibility of being sued was deeply unsettling. She had recently landed a job with the Border Patrol and knew that a lawsuit could destroy her career as a federal law-enforcement officer. Theresa said that she set up a payment plan and that over the course of the next six months the money was withdrawn directly from her checking account. There was just one problem: The company never sent a letter confirming that she had paid the bill.

Even worse, the payment never appeared on her credit report. She spent the next six months trying to understand where, exactly, her money had gone. When the original creditor, Washington Mutual, sold her debt, it stopped caring about what Theresa owed, how she was treated or what happened to her personal information. This is true for many banks; when they sell their unpaid accounts, their contracts testify to this indifference.

According to American Banker, in a series of transactions in and , Bank of America sold millions of dollars of charged-off debt to a company in Denver called CACH.